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Welcome to Parlez Social Media, where we help small to medium businesses and organisations harness the power of
social media to grow their brand and reach new customers.

Parlez Social Media helps your business to succeed in the digital world. We provide high-quality social media services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We work closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and brand identity. From there, we develop and execute social media strategies that help you build a strong and engaging social media presence that will take your business to the next level. We believe that social media is not just about posting content. It’s about creating a community, building relationships and telling your brand’s story.

So let’s Parlez!

Amanda Brown

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences, Graduate Diploma of Applied Psychology

Amanda’s unique combination of education and experience in psychology, advertising, media sales, and marketing has equipped her with valuable insights into human behaviour and relationship building. She has dedicated her career to understanding consumer behaviour, and she uses her knowledge and experience to help businesses and individuals grow their social media presence.

By leveraging Amanda’s practical experience and understanding, communication skills, the ability to think analytically and creatively, and enthusiastic can-do attitude, businesses and individuals can benefit by increasing their audience and engagement, ultimately leading to greater success and growth.



Social Media is not just 9-5 and nor is being a business owner. Parlez is not bound to business hours and posts at the optimal time to reach your audience at the right window on opportunity.


Commercial Mindset

With over 20 years in the advertising industry, Amanda is not only media and social media savvy but also having the commercial mindset necessary for strategic understanding.


At Parlez the service is like having your own marketing person become part of your business. Parlez is not a ‘cookie cutter’ service provider with only one hat. Parlez understands the nature of SME’s and the need to be versatile.

Time Saver

Time and Money Saver

With a focus on small to medium businesses, outsourcing your social media to Parlez creates more time for your to focus on the other important tasks required for running a business.


Ronnie Figdor OAM
St Kilda Hebrew Congregation

“Many thanks Parlez Social Media for putting our organisation on the map. Within months, our 590 Facebook followers became 1.8K followers with thousands from around the globe viewing our Friday videos each week. We had just opened an Instagram account when you started with us and we now have hundreds of followers. And you helped us launch our first ever social music initiative video which now has almost 11,500 views. You came through for us as promised. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Greg Antas
St K Cashmere
“My experience of working with Parlez Social Media has been very positive. We are a new brand and needed to improve our social media presence but realised to do it properly was a full time job. So instead of employing someone extra we started working with Amanda which was more cost effective, and she is easy to work with – responsive, knowledgeable and good communication”
Nicole Bishops Whiteman
Pickled Willow Flowers

“So many people have said how fantastic my social media has been since Parlez Social Media started working on it. You’ve been amazing and I’m so grateful to you for all your time and effort, I know you go above and beyond.”

Toby Darvall
“We are a family owned business with 60 stores Australia wide. Social Media promotions have been the key to our success in recent years but quite a complex area to navigate. We recently engaged Parlez Social Media to coordinate our social media strategy and execution and the results have been exceptional. I would recommend Amanda’s services to anyone.”
Michael Naylor
“Working with Amanda is easy, she is responsive, creative, meets deadlines and is within budget. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the work that she is producing. Since working with Amanda on social media we are now engaging her to work on other marketing aspects of the business. I highly recommend Amanda for your marketing needs.”
Andrew McBeth
Arcadia Whisky Bar
“As the co-owner of Arcadia Whisky Lounge, I was thrilled with the results since engaging Parlez Social Media Management. Not only did Parlez become an integral part of our team, but also a part of the Arcadia family. What I appreciate most about Parlez is the personalized approach to our business. Parlez took the time to understand our brand and always went above and beyond to ensure our online presence was top-notch.”


Strategy - Services

Developing a social media strategy:

This plan should also outline the type of content that will be created, identifying key events, and how often it will be published.
Design - Services


Creating content, this includes copy, images, and videos. Creating flyers, and other marketing collateral.
Scheduling - Services

Scheduling and publishing:

Posting on the appropriate social media platforms identifying the right day and time to post.
Engage - Services

Engaging with the audience:

Social media is all about engagement. Parlez monitors comments, messages, and mentions, and responds to them in a timely manner. This helps to build relationships with the audience and increase brand loyalty.
Analyse Report - Services

Analysing and reporting:

This measures the success of your social media efforts. This includes analysing data, and creating reports that show the impact of your social media presence.
Linkedin - Services

Optimising LinkedIn Profile:

You are ready to work on your LinkedIn profile but it’s difficult to write about yourself. This is where Parlez can help to strategically optimise your LinkedIn profile and make it shine. Giving you the edge on people with the same credentials.
Branding - Services


Effective branding can lead to increased customer recognition and loyalty, as well as higher sales and revenue. Parlez ensures a strong brand identity that is consistent across all marketing channels and conveys a clear message about the company’s values, and product offerings.

EDM - Services


Mailouts can be a cost-effective and measurable marketing strategy. Parlez helps to plan, execute and follow-up to yield the desired results.

Amanda Brown

0499 984 194


St Kilda East

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